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The Bumble Bees of Algonquin Provincial Park: A Field Guide

When TEA member Nathan Miller was a summer naturalist in Algonquin, he took a keen interest in the local bumble bees, taking photos and making extensive notes and records. All of this information has now been gathered into “The Bumble Bees of Algonquin Provincial Park: A Field Guide,” which was published in November 2010 by the TEA in co-operation with Ontario Parks. This is a handsome work of 24 full-sized 8 ½” by 11” pages, almost all of which carry full-colour illustrations of the different species and their identifying marks. The guide is sold through the TEA and in the Algonquin Park bookstore.


Butterfly Atlas
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The price is $10 at a meeting, and $12 for mailing to members within Canada. Member prices are lower: inquire here. Send cheques to Chris Rickard, c/o 28 Seventh Street, Toronto, ON M8V 3B2.