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2019 Field Trips

The TEA conducts a number of field trips over the summer. Everyone is welcome. There is no fee. The field trips are held in locations in Toronto itself and in the rest of Ontario. Most trips require pre-registration so that we can contact those who wish to participate in case the trip is not held due to rain or other unfavorable conditions.

The field trips include the Canada Day Butterfly counts for the North American Butterfly Association, surveys of particular habitats to assess the insect fauna, and visits to favourite places to re-familiarize ourselves with, and introduce visitors to, old friends.

(List last updated September 8, 2019)


Monday, July 1, 9 a.m.
Contact: Carolyn King
Bone up on your ID skills and help count butterflies in the Rouge or Don Valley. This is an official NABA count, with a participation fee; the TEA will pay the fee for members. For those counting in the Rouge, meet at the Pearse House. From Sheppard Ave go north on Meadowvale Rd; take the exit to the Toronto Zoo but turn RIGHT at the first turn and park along the side of the road. Bring nets, containers, lunch and water. No collecting in the Rouge. Call Carolyn King, cking8000@gmail.com (phone 905-720-2784) if you plan to participate.


Tuesday, July 23, 8:15 p.m. HIGH PARK MOTH NIGHT Leaders: Dave Beadle, Steve LaForest

This is a joint outing with the High Park Nature Centre. Members of the public are invited to join TEA members Dave Beadle, Steve LaForest, Carolyn King, and Karen Yukich for an evening of moth-catching and identification. Meet at the benches across from the Grenadier restaurant at 8:15 pm. A donation of $2-$5 per person is suggested. This outing is especially good for children - bring the whole family! No collecting. Bring insect containers, a flashlight, and moth guides if you have them. For more information, contact Carolyn King at 905-720-2784 or cking8000@gmail.com


Saturday August 10, 10 a.m. SPIDERS OF BLACKWATER (Beaver Creek) Leader: Tom Mason

This has been a popular outing for a number of years. We have found many species, from infinitesimal spiderlings to large Fishing Spiders. The Beaver Creek rail trail has a wealth of habitats for all kinds of insects and spiders. Streams, ponds, bridges, weedy vegetation: all the places spiders like to be. Easy walking. Everyone is welcome. Bring water, sunscreen, lunch and, if you have them, insect containers and a hand lens. Meet on the road shoulder where Beaver Creek flows under Hwy 12 just south of Blackwater (40 km north of Whitby). For more information, contact Carolyn King at 905-720-2784 or cking8000@gmail.com




Saturday June 17, 10:00 a.m.
Leader: Glenn Richardson
TEA President Glenn Richardson has a comprehensive knowledge of the butterfly habitats around his native Listowel home. He will show us around some of his favourite trails, meadows and quarries. With his remarkable ability to spot caterpillars and eggs, Glenn can introduce us to stages of our butterflies we haven’t observed before. Bring lunch, water, sunscreen, insect repellent.

Directions: Follow highway 401 west to Kitchener, ON., and from there proceed on Highway 85, to line 86 (formerly) Highway 86. Turn left, and continue through Wallenstein, Macton, Dorking and Tralee, to Listowel, then turn right at the main intersection on to Wallace Ave, N. and turn left at the KIA dealership to 18 McDonald Street West...on the south side. See here for details

For more information, contact Glenn Richardson at 519-291-3544 or glennr@personainternet.com

Sunday, July 23, 10 a.m. DRAGONFLIES & DAMSELFLIES (Minesing Wetlands)

Leader: Richard Aaron

This all-day field trip (finishing around 4:00-4:30 p.m.) is a great opportunity to work on your odonate identification skills. In this eighth year of our popular odonate workshop, we will be revisiting the Minesing Wetands near Barrie, but different locations. Local expert dragonhunter Chris Evans will show us all the best spots. We can expect to see 12-15 species of damselflies and 18-20 species of dragonflies. We may find special ones like Hine's Emerald (the only location in Ontario!), Rainbow Bluet, Eastern Red Damsel, Blue-tipped Dancer, Ocellated Darner, Spiny Baskettail and Delta-spotted Spiketail. Directions will be given to those who register. PN and TEA members get first priority for registration. Please register with Carolyn King at 905-720-2784 or cking8000@gmail.com

Sunday, August 20, 10 a.m. BUTTERFLY FARM, MILLGROVE (near Burlington)

Host: Harry Hewick

Harry Hewick has raised thousands of butterflies on his farm west of Millgrove. He will give us a tour of his 80-foot greenhouse and butterfly gardens, and show us how he feeds and nurtures his many species of Lepidoptera. Depending on the season, we may expect to see Giant, Pipevine and Black Swallowtails, Monarchs, American Ladies, Commas, Promethea Moths and others. After lunch we plan to visit some nearby butterfly locations. Bring lunch, water and hand lens; nets, guides and insect containers for later. Directions will be given on registration. Please register with Carolyn King at 905-720-2784 or cking8000@gmail.com

Sunday May 3, 2009
Leader: Brenda Van Ryswyk
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Saturday June 27, 2009
Leader: Rod Parrott
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